Report on technological properties and long-term tensile strength of TOTOGRID
§żReporting organization : Korea Institute of Construction Technology
§żResearchers : Jo SamDeok, Kim JinMan, Oh SeYong, Choi BongHyuk, Lee KwangWoo

Total tensile decrease coefficient of 3 types of TOTOGRIDs(TOTOGRID®ř 4T, TOTOGRID®ř 7T, TOTOGRID®ř 10T) considering creep characteristics, installation resistance and environment durability was 1.67-1.84. also reflecting fill soil and environment.
2. TOTOGRID shows excellent tensile strain characteristics with 6.8%-7.4% tensile strain for maximum tensile strength.
Prediction of creep characteristics in the long run is possible based on the result of short-term creep test for 1,000 hours at 20°…-50°… temperature. Using time-temperature overlap theory, TOTOGRID showed favorable creep characteristics of 10% creep strain in the long run for the 60% of maximum tensile strength. In the future, long-term creep test is needed.
4. The installation resistance test on TOTOGRID shows about 5% decrease in strength of decomposed granite soil with maximum particle diameter of less than 40mm or of 25mm rubble, proving TOTOGRID°Įs excellent resistance to installation.
Chemical and biological resistance tests show there was no significant strength reduction in TOTOGRID by weak acid, weak alkali solutions and microorganism. In a strong acid (pH=2)solution, the strength decreased by about 5%. However, a high temperature and strong alkali(pH=13) solution resulted in a huge strength decrease due to hydrolysis. This means TOTOGRID needs special attention in extreme conditions.
Friction strength between TOTOGRID and decomposed granite soil in the pull-out test was moderate c=0.08k/cm2, ©™=30°∆. Connection strength between LOCK STONE block/TOTOGRID and friction strength between LOCK STONE blocks were also favorable.
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