First, polyester resin is passed through a compress cylinder to make a flat bar which is then frozen and processed into strips through spunbond. These strips are put into a grid pattern and laser or other types of welding finally create a combined stiff geogrid.

How it was developed

Geogrid is widely used as a reinforcing agent in construction works for soil reinforced retaining walls, banking slopes, soft ground etc. However, the test period during which geogrid is used in construction structures is usually not long enough, leaving uncertainties regarding installation resistance of geogrid as a long-term reinforcing agent.

In addition, hardening of backfill on geogrid during the reinforcement process can have a huge impact on the long term stability of buildings.

Specifically, damage to geogrid is very likely given that decomposed granite soil-often used to reinforce buildings-contains big stones.

TOTOGRID is the solution to these problems and helps to construct stable reinforcement structures.

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